Treasures Unmanaged

Hidden away, unmanaged treasures, are slowly becoming the norm.

Don't let your treasures stay unnoticed, let them see the light and reborn!

We help you stay organized

OwnPiece app will help you not only organize, but also manage and categorize your treasures, all in your hand.

Show them off to other collectors and rejoice with the joy of knowing what you own.

Check, and double-checked.

Seller or buyer not showing up? Items arriving with defects? No Worries!

Our dedicated quality assurance team will check the items according to the seller's decriptions, and safe-guard your purchases through us, hassle-free!

Don't want to miss your priviledges?

Pre-register right now to become a privileged OwnPiece premier-member, and get informed once our app is launched to enjoy exclusive perks as our first batch of users.

We are collectors, too!

How many times have you rediscovered what you bought are long lost in the darkness, under your bed, inside your wardrobe, or in the storage?

We have been there and we realized a piece of software to re-organize and manage our treasures is much needed, hence the start of the development of OwnPiece.

We would love for you to join us in this long sail into finding and breathing new lives to your hidden treasures.

Our sailing journey since 2018

Operated 2HAND/ LUXFORD Proof-of-concept physical stores
To provide consignment and resale service on second-hand luxury fashion items. Stores and pop-ups across Kwun Tong, TST, Sai wan, Kowloon Bay.
Launched online shop
With rapid growing service demand and stock volume, and thanks to COVID-19, progressively enter hybrid mode with online store.
Started development of mobile app
2020 awarded HKSTP Incubation Programme2022 graduated with prototype app BID IT for UAT and optimization
Ready to launch official app OwnPiece 
Featured in media
Featured in media
Featured in media

Featured by:

SCMP, Apple Daily, Kowloon Post, U Magazine, Green Queen, Eco Bus, iMoney Wealth