Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Pieces can I register on OwnPiece?

OwnPiece is your personal collections management app so feel free to register any of your treasures that you would like to keep good track and record on.

When it comes to Piece trading, we see that the most popular categories would be collectible toys and cards, current-seasonal street wear, high-end fashion wear, sneakers and jerseys, handbags and watches, which are in good resalable conditions.

When should I register my Piece?

You are recommended to register your Piece once you purchase or own them, using OwnPiece simple and fast interface. Or otherwise, as soon as you are tidying up your colletions and wish to make good use of OwnPiece to memorise the story your ownership, date, purchase venue, and original price, etc of the Piece.

How should I price my Piece?

We understand that your treasure Piece can be priceless. When pricing, try making reference to similar products based on condition, age and brand which reflect their secondary market value. You are also welcome to reach out to OwnPiece and discuss with our experienced crew for seller advice.

How much do I earn when there's a deal?

You may earn up to 95% of the selling price for your Piece, according to our fee structure and any applicable third-party charges. Once your Piece is sold and well received by the Buyer, we will pay out direct deposit to your designated PayPal/ bank account. 

Does OwnPiece offer pick-up service?

You may handily drop off and pick up Pieces at our OwnPiece Headquarter (OP HQ), post to us by any courier services and logistic providers, or across our strong networks of partner-spots.

You may also request additional pick-up handling services upon discussing with your OwnPiece crew.